Schedule a consultation for the initial opportunity to determine if Birthin’ Black is the perfect fit for you.

This can be done via phone, e-mail or in person. There is no charge or obligations for your initial consultation.


Child Birth Package

After consulting about the type of Doula I am we will spend this session going over specific wants for your birthing experience. We will detail services, discuss contracts, and payments.

Birth packages are curated for each birthing person and their families’ needs. It is Birthin’ Blacks’ goal to provide support services regardless of socioeconomic status.  Scholarships and payment plans are available.

Prenatal visits:
Two prenatal visits are available to every birthin’ person with every birth package. One visit will cover a 90-minute childbirth education session discussing the science of birth and biological processes. The other will be used to craft the Care Guide and paid measures. Additional prenatal visits can be added.

Labor Support:
Labor support includes all stages and can be in various locations. Birthin’ Black supports those looking to labor in a birthing center, hospital or at home. Pricing may reflect transportation.

Postpartum visits:
All clients receive one 90-minute postpartum session 2-8 weeks after birth, depending on need of the family. Time can be spent assessing families’ emotions and processing the birth experience. Individual visits can be added for Lactation consults and/or Postpartum support.

Childbirth Education Course

This separate service provides detailed information on evidenced based childbirth. Evidence based childbirth uses the best available research on the safety and effectiveness of specific practices to help guide maternity care decisions and facilitate optimal outcomes.

The course serves expecting persons, birth partners, and birth workers. Includes three sessions with materials.


Postpartum Doula Support

This separate service provides support to postpartum mothers and those in need of extra support after birth. Postpartum doulas provide families information and support on infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from childbirth, infant soothing, and coping skills for new parents.

They might also help with light housework, fix a meal and help incorporate an older child into this new experience.