Our Birthin' Philosophy

Birthin’ Black services persons of all races, abilities, sexual orientations and socioeconomic backgrounds. I aim to provide my clients with adequate education, advocacy and preparation for their birthing experience. Here at Birthin’ Black, we equate birth to one of the most intimate acts a person can experience, sex. I believe one should remember their birth with fondness, and feel they were protected, heard, and uplifted during the act. Childbirth is a transformative experience and there is no other day in our lives where we are asked to do, be and become so many things. Protecting the sacredness of this event is my priority.


Meet Koya

Koya Siebie is a biologist from Atlanta, Georgia. She earned her degree from Georgia State University and relocated to Minnesota in 2019 to further her health care career. Her transition into birth work began in 2019 with the birth of her goddaughter and she has since completed training with Enlightened Mama.

She is currently pursuing her Master of Public Health at Saint Mary’s University and looking forward to challenging public policy for the betterment of birthing people. Koya’s passion for birth work and accessibility for all led to the creation of Birthin’ Black LLC; a collective of birth workers who emphasize fighting disparities in minority groups.

Enlightened Mama
Certified Doula
Evidenced Based
Birth Educator
Georgia State
University Graduate
C’O 2018
St.Mary’s Master of
Public Health
Candidate ’23